Postdoctoral / Bioinformatician


David Lab @ Duke University

We’re presently recruiting undergrads, grad students, post-docs, and staff interested in combining genomics and data analysis techniques to study nutrition. We have been developing a new genomic biomarker that can resolve individual food species that individuals and populations consume. We are interested in improving this biomarker, sharing it, and using it discover relationships between diet and culture, health, and the environment.

Current open job listings in our group include:

bioinformatician position to help generate, analyze, and visualize genomic food intake data. The position will also involve architecting, maintaining and sharing reference databases of foods and bioinformatic pipelines related to genomic dietary analysis.

If you’d also like to learn more generally about joining the lab, please feel free to email Lawrence and include a CV/resume. If you’re an undergraduate or new graduate student, sharing an unofficial transcript is also a helpful way for us to identify projects that may suit you. Although there are no formal requirements to join the lab, a background (or at least an interest!) in genomics, nutrition, epidemiology, quantitative/computational sciences, ecology/environmental science, or the microbiome are helpful.